CX Remounts – It’s The Right Foot Stupid

I just started riding cyclocross. Until now I was completely confused by the remount. Try as I might I’d end up double hopping on my left foot. So I started checking out some videos on YouTube. And I noticed something:

This is Tim Johnson (a pro). Stick with me …

  • In the upper left frame he is about to come down on his right foot (pink). The left foot (blue) is floating up in the air behind him.
  • In the upper right frame he has all of his weight on his right foot (pink). The left foot (blue) still hasn’t touched the ground. He’s loading the right foot and compressing his body for the lunge.
  • In the lower left frame his right foot (pink) is airborne, and the left foot (blue) is on the ground briefly. The left foot provides some lift, but not that much.
  • In the lower right frame both legs are airborne.

When watching the clip, it is tempting to think that Tim Johnson is lunging off his left foot. But he’s doing most of the compression and lunging from his right foot. The left foot is on for the ride.

So I went out for a quick ride and tested this out. It worked! I’m not promising great skills this weekend at Granogue but I’ve figure it out. I imagined the following:

  • Run fast
  • Land and compress on my right foot. Coil up. My left foot should still be off the ground.
  • Simultaneously feel myself pushing the bike forward while I lunge off the right foot. Imagine a swimming start.
  • Think of the left foot striking and providing a tad more lift (but not much more)
  • Land on the inner thigh of your right leg.

This make more sense if you think about it. Your right leg has further to travel … you are going to need more vertical to get it over the seat. If you try to do all of the work with your left leg then you’re likely to double hop. I have an idea! Why don’t I make a terrible stick figure animation? Note how the right foot strikes, the leap is initiated, and the left foot gives that final snap. When in doubt … stick figure.


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